Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Work In Progress

This is a a current illustration I started last night. I always wanted to do a Japanese mask like this, they are fun, smooth and symmetrical. All I've been doing lately is furry creatures. It's good though, it keeps me doing something productive other than playing Call of Duty 4 all night.

Hope everyone has a great X-Mas and a drunken New Year.

Merry Fucking HO HO bitches



RyanOD said...

dude - thats sick. i may have to enlist you to illustrate a tattoo for me!

DAGNAB said...

wow this is really something?
i was wondering if i can use this for a design on some shirts?

runfree425 said...

that is insane please email me at i really want you to design me a tattoo. i might even pay.