Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Heat Signature Kaleidoscopes

Last night Melinda and I went and witness the majesty that is Tool in concert at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The show was two hours of beautiful, brain numbing sensor candy. The seats were decent, about middle stage first row balcony. Too bad we had to wait two and a half hours in a sardine packed crowd to get in. Above is a small clip from the show.

Like I said they played for two hours which was great. During the Grudge, Tim Alexander the drummer from Primus and the drummer from the opening band Trans Am played the drum solo with Danny Carey, it fucking rocked. The second nugget of sexy was a special appearance by Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys and along side Tool they played Holiday in Cambodia. What really did it for me though was that they played Wings for Marie pt 1 and 10,000 Day (Wings for Marie pt 2). I've been wanting to see this live all three times I've seen them this tour. It was amazing.

I also bought a sweet Litho after the show with all the bands signatures, It's getting framed ASAP. Also, while Melinda and I were walking back to the venue after grabbing some food, we walked by Adam Jones the guitarist, I wanted to ask for a picture but I pussed out.

litho image

Third Eye Open


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