Monday, January 14, 2008

Laddie, Ready, Bite Your Knee!

OOOOOO you'll be pumping ovaltine,

Ugh, finally i'm back online, because of some stormage we lost our phone line and internet all last week. I spent the week watching Dexter and working on the illustration above. I'm kinda obsessed with oozing liquids right now, it seems like every illustration is oozing with something.

Fucking MACWORLD starts tomorrow, I'm so excited, instead of taking an alt+PrtScn I snapped a shot of my monitor with my iPhone then emailed it to the computer I'm sitting at GIRLY MAN MAN MAN. Usually I could give a shit about Macworld, but i'm excited about iPhone upgrades and the release of the SDK hopefully people with come up with better apps then Dopewars and tip calculators. Also rumors that they might unveil and more compact macbook, my pants are interested.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, started this week. I like it, for a TV show it's pretty good. There are still some really random parts that seem to be there just to move the episode along and don't really make any sense. Another thing that gets me is, Sarah Connor doesn't seem to be old enough to be John's mother. I don't know if it's cause she looks to young or if she doesn't look as haggard as Linda Hamilton looked in T2 GIRLY MAN MAN MAN. Whatever the fuck it's got a hot robot ass kicking chick played by the hot ass kicking chick from Serenity. That is a perfect reason to watch.

Girly Man, Kill her! Killer!

please don't buy the bald seal


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